Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is right around the corner now that it’s officially mid-May. While we may not be able to jet off to some exotic beach destination, we can still enjoy the benefits of summertime living by making the correct decorating choices. 

Are you ready to transform your home into a summery retreat? 

Discover simple summer decoration ideas that will brighten your home for the summer months and vacation moods ahead.      

White is the king

From the walls to the furniture, paint everything white, and then add cream, sand, or white linens. When it comes to bedding, interior designers frequently use darker grey tones, but otherwise, everything is white or pale. The goal is to bring as much natural light into the space as possible.     



Citrus is a great way to add a pop of color to your room.

Decorating with a bowl of citrus fruits, as simple as it may appear, can do wonders for making a room feel brighter and more summery.        

Decide on a floral motif and stick to it. 

The living area is “joyous, bright, and lively” thanks to vibrant colors, a variety of patterns, and flowers—real, painted, and printed—scattered around.      

Amp Up the Bar 

Summer cocktails that are light and fruity deserve their own station. At a well-stocked table, make a mojito or a mai tai. Every island home should have a magnificent, overflowing bar.      


When used correctly, complementary colors can feel fresh rather than startling.    

Include a Canopy 

Pure white panels are light and airy, not weighty. White eyelet swaths make a bold statement.  

Florals in a Frame 

Hanging your garden, like the chandelier of potted plants in an outdoor dining area, will wow your guests. You’ll also have more tabletop space for place settings and food.

So let’s get our houses more beautiful than they already are!