Summer Self development Steps we all Must Follow!

Here are some tips for self development this summer!

Become more self-aware.

Write down your daily thoughts or reflections in a journal to help you create more self-awareness and examine your thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs.

Express yourself.

Start a blog to share your thoughts and opinions with the world. Focus on promoting and expressing what you love instead of bashing what you don’t. If you follow this general rule of thumb, you should stay within the positive guidelines of internet use.


Give back to the community by volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about. As long as you’re passionate about the cause, you’ll enjoy the work you’re doing because you know you’re making a difference.

 Give thanks.

Keep a daily gratitude list – gratitude apps can help. These lists can help you appreciate what you have in life and become thankful for things we should be appreciative of that most of us unfortunately overlook on a daily basis.


Exercise is good for your body and your mind. Start an exercise routine – and stick to it for at least three weeks.

Spread kindness.

Commit random acts of kindness to unsuspecting strangers for no reason. These can be small acts, like opening a door for a stranger, giving out compliments and helping little old ladies cross the street. Not only will be make others feel great, but you’ll feel great as well.

Be positive.

Try not to complain for 24 hours straight. If you complain, even once, your 24 hours starts over again. You’ll be surprised how much the lack of negativity influences your daily mindset.

Get inspired.

Watch TED Talks to get inspired, motivated and learn new things.

Evaluate your friendships.

 Friends should always root for you to succeed at any level – not for you to succeed, unless it beats them. Often it takes time to recognize this but, as soon as you do, they aren’t worth your time. True friends celebrate your successes as their own and don’t consider your successes their failures. It’s also important to remember the difference between a person you refer to as a “friend” that gives you time when they have it free and a friend who makes free time for you.

 Root for others to win.

If you spread positive energy to others, it ultimately affects how you feel about yourself. Negativity breeds negativity. You’re not hurting anyone but yourself when you root for others to fail. Remember, others’ successes are not your failures, and they are just others’ successes. Be happy when others’ succeed – truly happy. If you can find a way to be happy for what other people accomplish, they will recognize this and be happy for you, too. And, even if they don’t, you will be happier with yourself, which is what really matters.

And the most important- Stay real