Hair Spa | Why you should do it and its Benefits

What is Hair Spa?

It is simply the perfect de-stress therapy with a host of benefits. If you are wondering. It is a re-hydrating therapy that restores vital oils and moisture to your hair roots.

A hair spa is a crème based therapy or a masked based therapy.

Firstly the hair is shampooed to remove all dirt, pollutants and impurities or dandruff and sweat that sticks to hair scalp easily. Deep cleansing is given to make hair smooth and free from all dirt. Then hair is combed slightly with a vibratory comb on wet hair. After combing, the hair mask is applied in different layers section by section. Immersifying is not massaging but penetrating the mask in tiny tiny sections with soft circulation. This is kept for approximately 20 mins. If the hair is extremely dry or damaged, mild steam is also given.

What are the benefits of Hair Spa?

 It Strengthens Hair Roots & Follicles

If hair roots are weak, hair fall is the likely consequence, along with dull and under-nourished hair. It is important to moisturize hair roots and follicles. And this is exactly what a hair spa is designed to do – nourish the hair roots and follicles, and revitalize the scalp.

 It Stimulates Blood Circulation in the Scalp

Head massage, which is part of the hair spa therapy, improves blood circulation in the scalp. Blood carries nutrients to your scalp to help keep it healthy and promote hair growth. It also enables hair follicles to receive more oxygen and nutrients via blood, thus revitalising the scalp and improving hair growth.

It Removes Impurities Inside Pores & Repairs Damaged Hair

Hair spa should be a part of your hair growth therapy routine, if it isn’t already. An extensive hair spa process removes all dirt, pollutants and contaminants from the pores. Once your scalp is rid of such impurities, your hair growth gets a stimulus. Hair spa is a procedure that helps make hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control.

Another benefit of this stress relief is that you start feeling more focused and are able to perform better and improve productivity.

So, What are you waiting for!!

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