Mango – The King of Fruits and its Health Benefits

Mango is the king of fruits.

It is rightly called so.

Mango is native to India and Southeast Asia and has been cultivated for over 4,000 years.

There are hundreds of types of mango, each with a unique taste, shape, size and colour. Who doesn’t love mangoes? 

They’re everyone’s favourite.

This fruit is not only delicious but also boasts an impressive nutritional profile.

In fact, studies link mango and its nutrients to health benefits, such as improved immunity, digestive health and eyesight, as well as a lower risk of certain cancers.

Some of the health benefits of mangoes include-

Helps in maintaining cholesterol level

Mangoes contain high level of vitamin C, fibre and pectin making it a perfect fruit that helps in controlling high cholesterol level.

A way to lose weight

As mango contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients, eating one mango makes you feel fuller. Also, as it is loaded with fibrous content, it boosts the digestive function and burns unwanted calories from the body. This, in turn, helps in losing extra weight. 

For healthy eyes

Mangoes are also loaded with vitamin A, making it a perfect fruit to improve eye sight. It also prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

Mangoes contain digestive enzymes like amylases. These break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. This may help improve the digestive process. 

Mangoes contain iron. They help individuals with anemia when taken along with other iron-rich foods. 

So do eat mango this mango season!!