Try the Indrani Cosmetics Lip Balm For Juicy Lips This Summer!

During the hot summer months, skincare quickly becomes focused around maintaining dewy skin. 

Serums, self tanners, and glowy moisturizers appear on vanities everywhere, helping to keep skin nourished and sunkissed.  But with all of this focus on skincare comes little focus on lip care, often leaving the lips feeling dry and chapped.  

One of the best parts of summer is being able to wear bold, statement lip colors and doing so with chapped lips is not only uncomfortable, but also unflattering, as the bright pigments highlight the uneven texture. 

One simple lip care tip to keep your lips soft in summer is to drink water.

As the summer sun gets hotter, your lips need extra water.

But don’t lick your lips, no matter how great our baked goods look! Wetting or licking your lips too often can create irritation. Chapped lips result in dry, flaky skin – not great for long-lasting lipstick.

For a summer lip routine you can use our  Indrani cosmetics lip balm. 

It soothes and nourishes your lips while leaving them soft and smooth. 

Do give it a try and let us know your experience.