General health care tips for women to follow during summer season

Summer is a beautiful season, that is just an extension of the spring, so awaited by everyone in the western countries. 

But for the tropical and temperate regions, it is terrible with the burning heat of sunshine accompanied by humidity in some regions and dryness in other. Everybody has to care for their health and beauty a little extra.

This season will make us desire for cold water, but do not drink extremely chilled water as it will only ruin your health. 

The accurate amounts of water required per person vary, but 2 to 4 litres for productive adults is a common range to stay sufficiently hydrated. Your requirements may change in that range with varying outdoor temperatures.

Including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet provides you with the strength to beat the summer heat.

ticking to seasonal fruits and locally available fruits and veggies are recommended, because they may be less adultered and more organic.

Fruits and vegetables are stocked with a number of precious nutrients, fibres and electrolytes which are required by the body to clean out toxins and waste. Fruit and vegetables can also help protect against some diseases. Summer is one peak time to catch infectious diseases.

It is better to have smaller meals than having heavy ones, particularly at night. Make salads with veggies and fruits for dinner as these will cool down the body and also help in digestion.

Heat works to evaporate the water content from the human body, which is why the body sweats more during hot and humid summers. The part of the body that controls the temperature is the hypothalamus. This body part has two jobs, one is to keep you cool, and two, understanding hunger and boosting satisfaction. Now, when the body is attempting to sweat it out, then hypothalamus does pay less regard towards your hunger.

Feeling fatigued is another indication of being hit by the hot summer. Therefore, it is essential that we should take more care during the hot period. 

Eating appropriate food and following some lifestyle changes, we can overcome the dangerous results of summer. Few cooling foods that you should add to your diet to fight against the hot climatic effects are melons, citrus fruits, cucumber, curd/yoghurt, mint, coconut water, milk, green leafy vegetables, onions, sesame, fennel seeds, etc.