Rajasthan Beauty – Your one stop destination for everything related to Beauty in Pune

Rajasthan Beauty is a 3 floored cosmetics and beauty products store based in Jogeshwari Lane, Pune since 1985. 

We are a One Stop Shop for all beauty products needs, salon and parlour supplies, furniture, makeup products etc. 

We also have our own cosmetic manufacturing brand by the name of Indrani Cosmetics where we manufacture over 103 types of products in Skin Care, Hair Care and Body Care. 

We are the oldest and most preferred beauty products destination in Pune. 

We also have a spa and skin clinic in our store for customers to enjoy our products and treatments while shopping. 

We Provide Doorstep Delivery All Across Pune In Under 2 Hours. We also help new parlours and beauty shops set up their business by providing them with products and training.

Beauty has been a very important part of the lives of Indian women for centuries now, but beauty in India is changing. In recent times, many Indian brands have gained prominence with the government’s effort to push for more ‘Made in India’ products.

Indians are trusting local brands more and more — there is a steady shift from preferring foreign products to appreciating and giving Indian brands a chance. 

With the call to be “vocal for local”, there’s never been a better time to be a local brand in India.

 In recent years, the beauty industry has seen an increasing number of people switch from chemical-led products to natural ingredients. So We are constantly listening to our community, understanding what they want and learning about their choices and preferences for ingredients.

With awareness that skincare and haircare needs can vary greatly from person to person, and the rituals around them deeply personal, there is a growing demand for products that cater to individual needs.

Everyone’s skin and hair type demands a complete care routine.

 We value our customers and are always on our toes constantly to ensure that we help them look their best and make their self care journey beautiful and rewarding. 

 We have  developed advanced retail products across  distinct skin, body and hair care ranges. We have a wide spectrum of about 103 products that range from daily hair care and skin care, for both men and women. A synergistic combination of these products and services provide you with a holistic skin and hair care solution.

We offer affordable prices and trustworthy formulations.