Korean Skincare Hacks

Visualize Korean women and the first thing that flashes in your brain is their flawless skin. You often end up idealizing their perfect and glowing skin. But if you knew what Korean women did to stay spotlessly pretty, you could achieve some of it too. We searched the web, asked around a lot of women, chatted with some pretty Korean girls this week to know how they stay to beautiful. And here’s a spill of some of their beauty secrets:

1. Care: A major factor as to why their skin is so perfect is that they follow a skin care regime daily. Let’s just say beauty has a price. You must set aside time so your skin remains radiant and the skin problems can be kept at bay.

2. 10-second rule: Yes! That’s all you need to give. Korean women keep sometime between their showers for the application of toner or moisturizer on your skin.

3. Double Cleansing: Korean women follow a 2-step cleansing to the skin for removing all the makeup or dirt.

First step is to remove the makeup using a liquid cleanser and to wash the face post that. Second step is re-cleansing. A mild foaming cleanser is used on the already cleansed skin to get that vibrant glow.

4. Exfoliate: Like Koreans, add this to your weekly beauty regimen. This is a great way to unclog the pores of the skin so that all the dead skin is removed. There is no need to use the exfoliator everyday, except for the blackheads.

5. Toning: Once the cleansing and exfoliating is done, toning helps in the absorption of moisturizer by the skin. It nourishes the skin and refreshes it.

6. Essence: Korean women have a habit of applying essence on face that helps get a clear complexion. An essence is also a moisturizing liquid which is lighter than lotions and it helps deal with simple skin issues.

7. Moisturizer: Since Korean women pay much attention to softness, they swear by face moisturizers. Just a gentle massage on the face with the moisturizer is all you need. Watched a Korean television series ever? Wonder why you want to pull the cheeks of female actors?

8. Slap the face: Though it does sound weird, Koreans do believe that slapping your face acts as a massage and improves the blood circulation and firms the face muscles. A few times a day is quite do-able.

9. Sun Screen: Korean women never step out of the house without putting on sun screen even when it’s not sunny. Sunscreen helps delay wrinkles and aging.

10. Eye Cream: The most beautiful part of the face is also the most delicate. So it has to be given extra care. They are very particular about applying eye cream to prevent the dark circles and puffiness from their eyes.

11. Korean Diet: In a study, Korean researchers had found that when women followed a typical low-glycemic Korean diet for 10 weeks, acne severity dropped by 27%. This is a noted fact that Korean food is rich in Vitamin C, amino acids, beta-carotene and minerals. So eat nutritious food and try to include all sorts of different nutrients in it.

These are some beauty habits that the Koreans swear by. Yet, these are the things we all know are essential for skincare anywhere in the world. The only difference between most of us and the Korean women is that they see these steps as an investment in beauty. And this is the actual secret of their beauty. Keep that glow on!