Hacks for leading a Healthy Life

When it comes to health, sweeping life changes are especially difficult to implement and even harder to sustain. But in my experience, it’s the small changes you adopt, maintain and love that add up to a meaningful long-term difference.


Here are some basics tips for a healthy lifestyle. 


Sleep 7 hours

The benefits of regular restful sleep cannot be overstated. Sleeping for anywhere from seven to nine hours—can keep your brain sharp, your mood buoyant, and your energy level sky-high. What’s more, resting up will reduce your insulin levels, leading to slashed stress and, on a superficial note, radiant skin.



Working out has obvious health benefits, of course—namely, fat burn and muscle gain—but regular exercise can bring about more than just physical benefits. According to various studies, exercise is a surefire way to boost mood, and is a proven method for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

In other words, get your sweat on, and you’ll feel better, both in the immediate (as one researcher put it, benefits can kick in within five minutes from “go”) and in the long-term (data suggests that sticking with your routine can prevent relapse among people with clinical depression).


Wake up earlier

Bad news, night owls:

Research indicates that you’re more likely to suffer a respiratory or gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, or a psychological disorder (depression or anxiety) than your early-morning counterparts.



Meditation has outsize benefits on your health. It’s been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce your anxiety, and even help you sleep more soundly (which, if you’ll recall, is among the best steps you can take for feeling better during your day-to-day). Best of all, meditation only takes 10 minutes per day. To make sure you’re making the most of these moments of solitude.


Eat Chocolate 

Yes! You read that right. Regular consumption of a small amount (150 calories or less) of dark chocolate (cocoa rating of 70 percent or higher) can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 30 percent. It is an instant mood lifter too! 


Double your water intake

You’ve heard it countless times: drink eight 8- glasses of water per day. After all, drinking water can make your skin glow, your hair shine, and make you feel amazing by boosting energy levels and sating hunger pangs.

 So try and improve this habit and you are good to go. 


Eat Right Breakfast

Right after you’ve had your lemon and salt water right when you wake up (for detoxification ) it’s important to have your breakfast within half an hour after you’ve opened your eyes. Even when you don’t feel hungry, missing your breakfast is a huge mistake    

  This is because your metabolism is relatively slow when you sleep, and it takes an hour for it to start working at a normal pace. So, eating breakfast before your metabolism is completely awake will make you feel fuller for a longer time and it will prevent you from eating a heavier breakfast or a bigger meal later in the day.

Starting your day with protein can give you a mood-amplifying energy boost through lunch. And if you get a good helping of fiber (you’ll find that in steel-cut oats), it’s a good bet you’ll stay full until lunch, too, meaning you’ll be less tempted to snack.


Avoid heavy use of technology outside of work hours

This is not to say turn off your phone the second you leave the office, but also try not to be glued to a screen right up until you go to sleep. It will help you to switch off.


Love yourself 

 Take two minutes every day to sit in silence and concentrate on your breathing. With this mindfulness task you’ll feel more in tune with your body and start to disconnect from the silliness of life.

  Practice acceptance. Learning to not judge yourself, or others, too harshly will allow you to move your mind on from situations faster, leaving you the head space to focus on more productive endeavours. Take note of when a situation has frustrated you, breathe out, and let it go.