Indrani Cosmetics Microcrystalline Spa Skin Polisher – for Even Skin tone

As the name suggests, skin polishing is a procedure that deeply exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cell build-up and reveals the smooth skin underneath.
It is a good idea to get this treatment before special occasions like weddings and big events.

The procedure is effective at treating hyperpigmentation, age spots, signs of photo-ageing and crow’s feet around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types, skin polishing helps improve the appearance of dull skin from within. 

It is used to brighten or exfoliate dull skin by removing the dead skin on the surface. This improves your skin’s texture, making it smoother, and also reverses skin damages like tan or uneven skin tone.

Benefits Of Skin Polishing
Skin polishing can make the skin brighter, softer and minimise the appearance of acne, fine lines and spots.
It also improves blood circulation and is effective in treating enlarged pores and blackheads. For skin problems such as stretch marks and scars, hyperkeratosis, etc.
skin polishing can be a permanent solution.
One such product is the Indrani Cosmetics Microcrystalline Spa Skin Polisher.

How to use- Should be used as a deep exfoliator
Apply on the skin in small circular motions.
Then rinse off.

Price – Rs. 350/-

You will definitely see smoother and softer skin.

Recommended for getting supple skin and even skin tone.