Indrani Facial Kit Review

We always look out for budget friendly yet premium quality skincare which we rarely find. But no more worry because the wait is finally over! With the Indrani Cosmetics Spa Facial Kit , we can totally feel that exotic spa vibes that too from the comfort of our home!

The items that I got in the box are-
Indrani Lavender Spa Cleanser
So the first item is the Lavender spa cleanser that comes in a cream form with soothing lavender colour. It has a mild smell of lavender.

It gently detoxifies the skin while acts as an anti-fungal agent. It has the richness of lavender oil into it which means it also works best to kill bacteria, prevent and heal acne breakouts.

Indrani Spa Microcrystalline Scrub
It is infused with micro beads that help to exfoliate the skin surface without damaging the soft skin layer. It effectively removes any dead cells while keeping the moisture level at place.

Then you need to take steam on your face.

Indrani Spa pre facial Mask
Take adequate amount of Indrani Spa prefacial mask and add plain water to it to make a paste and apply all over your face.

Wipe off with a wet sponge after it dries.

Indrani Spa gel Scrub
Massage gently using this for a subtle glow on your skin.

Indrani Aloe Vera Spa Massage Cream
Indrani cosmetics aloe vera spa massage cream is enriched with aloe vera extract which helps to hydrate the skin layer. Keep it for 20 minutes while massaging it continuously.

Then wipe off excess cream.

Indrani Spa Sea Green facepack
Mix a little amount of rosewater to make a paste like consistency. Apply on the face. Wait till it dries.

Finish the treatment with a Indrani Spa Skin Freshner.