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What Is Hair Serum & How Does It Help?

Just like skin serums, hair serums are formulated with active ingredients to penetrate deeper in your hair. 

They are used to control frizz, set hair styles and protect the hair from environmental aggressors. 

While oils provide nourishment to the scalp, serums work on the surface level. 

You can consider them as quick fixes or even a replacement to your conditioners.

Hair serums are basically silicone-based products that coat your hair, smoothen out frizz and flyaways. Choose one based on your hair type and concern:

1. Dry And Frizzy Hair

Look for serums with ingredients like rosewood, castor and marula. All of them provide intense hydration to your hair.

2. Split Ends

Your hair is prone to breakage. Look for ingredients like keratin (a hair protein) in your serum.

3. Damaged Hair Due To Heat And Pollution

Opt for lavender and jojoba oils that take care of your hair, detangle them and are super lightweight.

4. Dry Hair

There are cream-based serums that can be applied and left overnight for your hair type.

5. Thick Hair

Serums infused with argan oils and morrocon oils should be your go-to if you have very thick hair.

5. Curly Hair

This hair type is a bit more difficult to manage. Look for ingredients like jojoba, sweet almond oil, argan and marula in your serums. These add an extra boost of hydration.

6. Colored And Chemically Treated Hair

Look for serums with combinations like coconut oil and green tea extracts.

One great option is Indrani Hair Serum..

It is easy to use 

Apply on wet hair 

Keep for few minutes and then rinse off 

Benefits Of Hair Serum

 • Smoothens the hair

 • Adds shine to hair

 • Controls frizz

 • Detangles hair

 • Repairs hair damage

 • Protects hair from environmental pollution