Beauty Industry’s Blurring Borders

The beauty industry is enjoying a truly multicultural moment right now. Korean beauty has won cult status in Europe, Asia, and American markets. 

Indian Ayurveda-based brands are appearing on shelves on beauty stores across the US and Europe. 

As far as the beauty industry is concerned, the borders are blurring.

 From Charlotte Tilbury to Nails Inc., UK has given us major players in the world of beauty.

The surge in India’s Fashion and Beauty Sector is driven by a burgeoning middle class – particularly from a young aspirational professional urban class with a growing disposable incomes. 

In general, retail is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors in India, and encouraging reforms to India’s single and multi-brand retail sectors, the accelerating growth in e-commerce, and a shift from small and localised street markets to modern shopping centres and malls Indian’s are spending more on fashion and beauty than ever before.

As a result India’s organised retail sector presents immense opportunities for UK Fashion and Beauty companies, which benefit from India’s continuing love affair with British brands and belief. 

In the minds of Indians, UK brands represent style and quality. As such, UK companies have a unique window of opportunity across India. 

the opportunities and challenges in India’s Fashion and Beauty sector are countless. But still companies such as Burberry, Lush, Pavers England and the Body Shop have accessed the emerging Indian opportunities securing rewards along the way.

India has given Ayurveda to the world, and today world over beauty brands are making use of the knowledge to indulge in beauty products made using natural ingredients. But the scenario is quite different in our own country. However, In India, Ayurveda sells only if its premium.

With a marked shift in people’s preference for integration of modern and traditional medicines, Ayurveda is gaining popularity in many of the European countries. 

Ayurveda is a scientific system and not a belief system. It can be logically explained and this will help for its future growth. 

Complementing the  visit of the Indian Ayush Minister to the European Academy campus, will further boost ties between India and Germany in the development of Ayurveda.