Cheers to New Beginnings…

January 1 sets the tone for the rest of the year, and it’s a lucky thing, because even with the COVID-19 pandemic curbing some of the activity options, there are still plenty of fun things to do on New Year’s Day.

Some might want to get a head-start on those 2021 resolutions and begin with an all-day cleaning and organizing session. 

Others might take the opportunity for some much-needed downtime, so file the classic movie streaming marathon or best books catch-up under “self-care.” 

 And for others, it’s all about the food, starting with brunch and going all the way to a lucky New Year’s Day dinner. 

No matter how you want to start 2021, the day is yours!

Host Brunch

Begin the year surrounded by family, friends — and lots of carbs. Or eggs. And coffee. Your plan to eat healthier in 2021 can wait until after breakfast, right?

Do Something Outdoorsy

Even if it means wearing a mask and keeping your distance, there’s plenty of fun to be had outside. 

Start a Bullet Journal

You’ve got big plans for this year. Keep track of them in a bullet journal, and feel a sense of satisfaction every time you cross something off your list.

Get a Jump on Post-Holiday Sales

There are bargains to be had this year in after-Christmas sales, and we all know what they say about the early bird. Waste no time depleting those holiday gift cards! Afterwards, make someone else do the cooking and grab takeout from a restaurant open on New Year’s Day, which all have holiday hours.

Binge a TV Marathon

To some, it is a  tradition to spend January 1 on the couch, watching TV and recovering from the night before. 

Many channels have helpfully enabled this with daylong (or week-long) marathons of classic shows: Syfy usually hosts a Twilight Zone bonanza each December; WPIX often shows The Honeymooners; and BBC America sometimes does a days-long Dr. Who binge. 

If that doesn’t suit your tastes, well, you can always watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Get Cracking on That Resolution

You’ve vowed to stay motivated and go to the gym. To eat out less and cook easy meals at home. To take time to meditate or get organized or practice gratitude. Whatever you’ve chosen as your New Year’s Resolution, if you take time out to do tackle it on January 1, you can boast that you have a perfect streak of doing whatever it is for 2021. And if you haven’t picked one yet? Well, there’s still time to be inspired.

Start a 30-Day Challenge

If December is extra — as in extra drinking, extra eating or extras pending — January offers the chance to issue a corrective. It’s no wonder that people wait until the new year to take on monthlong challenges like Whole30, Dry January or the 52-Week Money Challenge. If you have a mini-goal that you don’t think is right for a year-long resolution, see if you can get it out of the way that first month.