Indrani Chocolate wax for silky soft skin

Waxing can be a painful procedure, no doubt! 

If you’re someone who’s always dreading those waxing appointments, then chocolate wax is for you!

You will be happy to know that your skin loves chocolate just as much as you do. 

Enriched with a plethora of natural ingredients such as cocoa,  and other nourishing compounds; chocolate wax is tender on your skin. 

 From reducing redness and irritation post waxing, to hydrating your skin and giving it a healthy glow, chocolate wax will make hair removal less painful.

Here are all the benefits of using chocolate wax over normal wax, especially during winter…

Prevents ingrowth

The best part about using chocolate wax is that it glides on smoothly on the skin without any discomfort. And that’s not all! It also helps prevent any ingrowth. 

In fact, it waxes even the tiniest of hair without causing any pain.

Delays hair growth

Using chocolate wax delays the growth of hair for a longer period as compared to normal wax where you notice regrowth in 2 weeks. 

Helps remove tan

You’ll be surprised to know that using chocolate wax helps you get rid of tan. Yes, you read that right! Do you need any more reason to opt for chocolate wax?

Leaves your skin healthy and glowing

Another benefit of using chocolate wax in summers is that it does not feel as hot when applied to the skin. 

Post hair removal, you will notice smoother skin and a healthy glow.

It’s made of natural ingredients 

So, this festive season try your hands on Indrani chocolate wax and feel the difference for yourself 

How to use? 

Apply a thin layer on the skin 

Place a waxing strip and remove in quick movements in opposite direction 

– The cocoa powder gives a soft and silky look to the skin. 

Price- Rs. 200 for 600g