Almond Facial Kit Review

Almonds are considered to be anti-inflammatory.

They are also known to improve the skin tone and remove the dryness, thereby being the go-to item for skincare in winters.

Almond oil’s fatty acid may help get rid of excess oil, improving the acne situation.

Now I’m going to talk about an Almond facial kit from Indrani cosmetics.

It consists of-

  • Rose cleansing milk
  • Apricot scrub
  • Aloevera Facial massage gel
  • Almond nourishing Massage cream with vitamin E oil.
  • Almond face pack
  • Skin toner

Price- Rs. 200 (mini)

Student discount can be availed (30%)

My honest experience-

In winters the skin suffers a lot due to the harsh climate. As I spend long hours in A.C it is even more adverse for me. My skin lacked lustre and shine.

I tried my hands on the Almond facial kit by following all the steps given in the instruction manual.

I started with the Rose cleansing milk. I wiped off my face by dabbing it with a cotton blob. I could see the dirt coming out of my face like crazy!

The second step was the apricot scrub. It is perfect for removing the dead skin from the face.

It gently exfoliates and gives the face an instant glow!

The third step was applying equal quantities of Almond nourishing massage cream with vitamin E oil and Aloevera facial massage gel.

I was generous enough to give it a good 10 minutes of massage time going around my face and neck in circular motions.

Then the final step was applying Almond face pack by mixing it with rose water. I kept it for 15 minutes and then washed it off.

I tomed my skin with the skin toner to complete the treatment.

I loved trying this kit and I’m sure you will too. You can use this kit for 3–4 times depending on the quantity you use.

It is convenient and hassle free.